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Heroes Chocolate Pack from Cadbury's

(108 Gms pack containing 12 Pcs of Cadbury's Chocolates)

U.S $ 9.95 / Rs 447.75



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The Stunning Basket

This is one of the most widely used gift baskets.Hamper includes:
Twix chocolate 58gm,
Toblerone chocolate 320gm,
Cadbury Bournville fine dark choolate hazelnut 90gm,
Cadbury temptations Cashew Appeal 72gm,
Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate 69gm,
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & nut 80gm,
Mars chocolate 51gm,

U.S $ 31.95 / Rs 1437.75




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Chocolaty Hamper

Cherish happy moments and make your loved ones more special with these Chocolaty Hamper. Hamper includes a basket full of one box of choco pie 150gm, box of 450gm danish butter cookies, 180 gms Soreigns Assortment, Hazel chunkies of 150 gms, Swiss Milk chocolate-Toblerone 100gm

U.S $ 56.95 / Rs 2562.75




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Best Wishes

200 gms ferrero rochers with 400 Gms Danish Butter Cookies.

U.S $ 32.95 / Rs 1482.75



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Bounty Gift Pack (24 pcs)

Sumptuous moist coconut, wrapped in the creamiest of plain (dark) chocolate. Its absolutely irresistible...

U.S $ 29.95 / Rs 1347.75




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Classic Gift Pack from Benns (Imported)
(Assorted 6 Chocolates)

Cashew Nut
Fruit & Nut
Roasted Almond
Extra Milk

U.S $ 24.95 / Rs 1122.75



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Heroes Chocolate Pack from Cadbury's

(180 Gms pack containing 20 Pcs of Cadbury's Chocolates)

U.S $ 11.95 / Rs 537.75



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Lindt Chocolates 
Lindt Almond
Lindt Pistachios
Lindt Strawberry
100gms each 

U.S $ 28.95 / Rs 1799.95




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Mars (24 pcs)

To hard to resist, this is an all time favourite.
Packed with caramel and milk chocolate.

U.S $ 29.95 / Rs 1347.75


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Munchini - Chocolate Wafer Sticks

500 Gms. of Chocolate Flavour Cream Wafer Sticks.
Product of Malaysia

U.S $ 13.95 / Rs 627.75



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